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Hi there!  I’m a person having a human experience which includes seeking out my own Personal Legend (right back ‘atcha all you The Alchemist fans!).  As I re-discover my legend, I’ll share and show pics of the journey.  I’d love for you to do the same!

Et tu?  What have you learned on your journey?  Where have you run into obstacles, or stumbled?  What were your successes?  Maybe we can help each out and help each other stay on track.

This site is about the things I’m interested in:

  • a healthy, green planet for our kids and grandkids to inherit
  • tips to walk more lightly on the planet
  • how-to’s to make going green easy (like this)
  • reading great books on a variety of topics
  • strategic intervention coaching/Tony Robbins motivational material
  • and purely random things; you know, like that stuff you just can’t make up

Look forward to meeting you and going for the best ride on our journey to go grab and live out our personal legends.