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That Time We Went Looking for a Hidden Beach

Life is about a lot of things.



Dogs, pets, canaries.



First snowfalls.

First steps; and not just baby steps. First steps in any endeavor.

My family and I wanted to head to the beach for the first heat wave a couple of weeks ago here on the East Coast. We wanted to be adventurous and try a beach off the beaten path.

We checked out an article from Curbed called Visiting 20 of New York City’s Hidden Beaches (2016).  Knew this was a bit of a dated piece. Shrugged and chose to visit the one behind Home Depot in Brooklyn. [See the full Curbed article here.]

The Curbed article says,

Further up the creek, several of the waterway’s famous sunken wrecks are accessible from a sandy beach maintained by Home Depot. This isolated area, located behind a parking lot and protected by fences and gates, has been designated a “Public Waterfront” by the Department of City Planning.

So, we pretty geeked at the opportunity to find a gem in the rough on such a hot day (over 97 degrees F).

There was no picture of this particular hidden beach but we were definitely behind Home Depot…no beach. Just water and a pretty landscaped area for relaxing.

Home Depot in Brooklyn, near Kings Plaza. July 2018
Directly behind Home Depot. Water. No beach. July 2018

We smelled ocean. We saw water. No. Beach. 2016 to now is not that long ago. If the reporter saw beach 2 years ago, where is it?

What we, in our zeal for a less populated waterfront experience, failed to notice was the caveat by photo essayist, Nathan Kensinger, at the top of the piece is this gem…

As sea levels continue to rise at a dramatic rate, many of these hidden beaches may soon be washed away, but as long as New York City remains above water, there will always be new stretches of sand to explore.

Can anyone say climate change?

Two years ago there was a bit of sandy beach at this location. Now it’s gone. This is New York (Brooklyn to be precise). You’d think something like this would happen in Florida, or in the Caribbean, or in New Zealand. While it is happening in those places too, it’s happening here in the urban city as well just very quietly. No fanfare.

As I said, Life is about a lot of things. We all have to decide what’s most important to us and work on that piece of the whole.

That said, I will hold onto this thought for a bit of time.

Here’s an a cool yet calming piece to help us think more deeply about our oceans.


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