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Living Life to the Fullest

Summer Soltice.  It is a time for reflection and introspection.  A time to assess how far you’ve come since the Winter Soltice.  It’s a time to sit with yourself, even if for an hour, or a quarter of an hour, and just be still.

There are so many who have rigorous practices which include abstaining from a host of things which can deepen the delving within.  However, in our fast-paced world in which a tweet, a post, or an IG pic can go viral in mere minutes our higher selves will take whatever it can get.

The effects of the Soltice can be felt for a few days.  Just slow down, tap in, and re-group with some simple deep breathing to gain entry to your inner world.  Then, try to nap, or retire for the evening so you can gain the most you can from your introspection.  You might be surprised to awaken and have a solid idea that will help you to figure out some gnarly problem you’ve been trying to work out.

Dr. Andrew Weil has a great article about simple breathing techniques you can try that don’t require body contortions. 🙂





Ultimately, life is all about living to our fullest potential.  We cannot do this if we’re mentally, or emotionally, tied to baggage that we never released.  At these key soltice times, we have opportunities to remove obstacles from our minds, and hearts, much more easily than at other times of the year.

Dream big.

Live well.

Play harder.

Breathe deep.

Enjoy your Soltice. May you unlock the puzzle you’ve been mulling over quickly, easily, and joyfully.