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The Impossible Slider Has Possibilities

I want to rave about White Castle’s The Impossible Slider but I cannot. Why?  Because it’s not gluten-free. 🙁 [Psst. Want the ingredient list? Forbes culled it for us.]

However, I did pinch off a teeny bit to try it. The texture is eerily meat-like but it does have a chew that is all too veggie to have gone, “Moo.”

My son had a decent portion of the burger and proclaimed it as, “A very good veggie burger; almost like the real thing, but not there yet.” High praise from an 18-year-old.

The cheese and pickles go a long way to make it look appealing and adds the traditional flavor profile of an All-American burger.

The best part about this burger is that it takes up only 1/3 of the resources that farmers use to bring a real beef burger to the market. And, it’s all plant-based making it a healthier, more sustainable food choice for the planet.

Yes, there are a few questionable ingredients in the burger that I am sure will get sorted out sooner rather than later.  However, this is a more viable path so that resources can be utilized for a little while longer.

White Castle’s, The Impossible Slider, a meatless, plant-based burger

What say you? Have you tried The Impossible Slider yet? What do you think?