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The Day I Found Out About Unicorn Snot

So, I’m getting dressed for a party on a boat.  I’m applying glitter to my eyelids (finally learned how to do it without it going everywhere). My son walks in and goes, “I know what you need — Unicorn Snot!”

I’m looking after him like he has 5 heads because what in the heck is unicorn snot??

He comes back into the room with a small bowl, lotion and is mumbling about ratios.  He says he needs a bit of oil, too.

Long story short, he whips up a small batch of his DIY version of body glitter (aka unicorn snot) and tells me to rub it on my shoulders.

Low, and behold, my shoulders are both moisturized and sparkly!

I look at my child in amazement and ask how he knew about this.  He laughs and tells me one of his friends used to dabble around with makeup and my son would watch all the girls getting done up by this mini-MAC cosmetic wunderkid.

Thumbs up all around for this home-made version of the popular product.  Here it is if you want to try it.

DIY Version of Body Glitter

Your favorite lotion – 1 TBL

Your favorite color of glitter – 1/4 tsp

Essential oil – 4 drops

If you want to add more glitter for more pizzaz, go ahead and make it your own.

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