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I Dare You to Watch This

It all started with Tony Robbin’s NetFlix documentary, I Am Not Your Guru (2016).

At that moment in time, I wasn’t in particularly great health. I was a bit depressed about my future (being sick and all).  And my hubby put on this Tony Robbins thing.  I shrugged and watched it having nothing better to do…the first time.

That first time I really thought, This man’s crazy!  Tony was cursing, telling us his affirmations, sharing with us about his subpar childhood experiences (subpar my word; not his), and generally being brutally honest about well, everything.

I remember Tony Robbins from years ago and he was big into NLP (neuro linguistic programming – he did not create it; it existed way before him). I just loved Wayne Dyer and Shakti Gwain way more.

However, today the more mature and clearly very successful dude I watched has helped thousands of people.

By my 3rd viewing of the film, something clicked. I wasn’t quite as depressed as I was a few days before.  My situation did not seem nearly as dire. I was also beginning to get seeds of a possible plan to move forward in a number of areas of my life.

I began reading several of his books and devoured what I could online.

I created a life plan based on a number of things Tony described.

Making time for myself, having downtime to reflect and meditate, came to the fore once again.

Hope emerged.

Sure.  It wasn’t all because of watching this film.  Clearly one has to pick oneself up and DO. And I began doing, stretching and reaching.

The nudge? Most definitely Tony’s words and his affirmations — including the expletives — were key in getting myself out of the rut and off my rump.

So now, 14 months later, I am knee-deep in the first level of the Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Course to become a certified RMT coach.

There are so many inspiring and amazingly simple things to do to change your trajectory in a very short amount of time.

One of the things I loved the most that Tony says is — Life is happening FOR us, not TO us.  Problems are what save our lives. Without problems, we wouldn’t do anything.

Well, I am doing something. I love the water and am learning how to be an advocate for our oceans. How little ole me can help clean out our waters from all of the plastic waste we collectively throw in there. To save marine life. To put my part to ensure that there’s a planet for our children’s, children’s children to grow up on and enjoy its bounty.

Help me…With a simple click, you can help clean our oceans too.  All you have to do is donate to 4Ocean. For $20, you can buy a bracelet (made from recycled materials) and you will have pulled 1 pound of plastic from the ocean — with a click.

Without further ado, here’s the “movie” from Tony Robbins. Watch it. I dare you! 🙂