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How You Can Clean Our Ocean

71.5% of Earth is covered by water.  There are 7.6 billion people in the world. Yet, over 4 billion people cannot swim according to MySwimPro. Just about half of the world’s population cannot swim. Wild, but true.

I bring all this up because I watched the BBC’s The Blue Planet and fell in love (and did not break anything). 🙂

The imagery. The crashing of the ocean waves behind David Attenborough’s voice. The adorable looking sea critters (that can rip your throat out…). The majesty of the sheer volume of ocean life. I became hooked instantly.

It made me recall that I wanted to be a marine biologist while in my last year of high school. When I began research into going into this field the very first question I received was how much scuba diving had I done. Valid question, right? At that moment in time, I had just learned how to swim. Needless to say, I looked to other fields of endeavor.

However, my passion for the oceanic did not leave; it took a back seat for a few decades only to stretch and come to the fore as plastics are literally choking our marine life, and our waterways.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a 600,000 sq mile patch of floating plastic debris, frightened me.  To give you a visual, this floating mass of plastic is equivalent to having FOUR Californias covering a portion of our oceans.  [If you want to be pedantic, it is 3.67 because the actual size of California is 163,696 sq miles.]

Imagine that. Almost 4x the size of California…and its all GARBAGE. Stuff we have collectively used, and thrown away.

But, we didn’t really. It’s still here. And, it’s growing.

While science gave us some good news recently, that through an accident, mutant enzymes were found to eat plastic. [See my tweet about it here.] This is very new and still has a long way to go before it’s viable, if it becomes viable.

In the  meantime, what will you do to stop the garbage patch from growing?

[Psst – Here are some tips from National Geographic. Ten Things You Can Do to Save the Ocean.]

[One more thought: 4Ocean makes it easy to help. Buy a bracelet made from recycled materials, and 1 pound of plastic is removed from the our oceans. Their logo? Shop now. Pull a Pound. Check it out here.]



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