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The Secret’s 3 Step Process

Rhonda Byrne’s 2006 breakout best-seller, The Secret, is  a manifesto of positive thinking.  That’s not to say there’s no work to be done to make the things you want happen.  Its just a different kind of work.  It’s the work of visualization, focusing on a specific set of things, and believing what you want will come.

I’ve read The Secret several times, and  have watched The Secret movie many times.  I appreciate its simplicity and elegance.  In our complicated world, it can be difficult to find one’s way without becoming jaded, disillusioned, or outright disdainful of anything that appears too good to be true.  However, if you allow just a modicum of suspended disbelief in this small book, you just may find some really great things are happening to and for you, and your loved ones.

A distillation of the process of manifesting what you want can be found in these 3 simple steps.

  1. Ask for what you want
    * make a command from the Universe
    * let the Universe know what you want
    * the  Universe responds to your thoughts, so write them out
  2. Believe
    * have unwavering belief
    * know that your wish is the Universe’s command
    * you don’t need to know how it will come about; you will attract the way
    * when we don’t see what we want, we can become doubtful; so have unwavering faith
  3. Feel
    * feel it like we already have it
    * this is a feeling Universe
    * the feeling is the power to make things happen; to attract it to yourself

When you attract that thing(s) you want, you now know how the process works.

Action may be required but it should be fun; you could do it all day.  That’s the cue to know you’re on the right track.